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CRESCENT VERTWhat's Crescent Vert?

Crescent Vert jewels are ideal gems which are extremely pure without any flaws or impurities. We create high-quality gemstones the like which can rarely be found in nature. With our gemstones you can enjoy the full beauty, rich hues and elegant brilliance of jewelry.

  • What's Crescent Vert?
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  • Secret of their Beauty
  • Reliability
  • Mysterious Sparkle


Jewellery Inquiries in China

Tel.021-58775366-277Opening hours: 9:00 to 17:00 (Monday - Friday except on public holidays)

KYOCERA (China) Sales & Trading Corporation Shanghai Branch

Address: Unit 5 floor of Baolong Building, No.660-686 Jiujiang Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai, 200001 P.R. China

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